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Pravici PocketCred is now available on the Salesforce AppExchange!

As of today, May 18, 2021, Pravici PocketCred is available in the Salesforce AppExchange! What does this mean? It means that any organization whether it is a government, a non-profit or a private clinic that is using Salesforce Health Cloud, Salesforce or Salesforce Vaccine Cloud can issue credentials directly from the Salesforce application. Pravici PocketCred is seamlessly integrated into Salesforce.

Once a patient has received the vaccination, the user simply presses a button in the application and the selected vaccine record is issued as a credential. A QR code is displayed in the Salesforce screen, and the end user simply scans it using a Mobile Wallet such as the IATA Travel Pass App or Evernym's app. The credential is then issued to the patient and they will just have to accept the credential in the mobile wallet.

The image above shows the "Issue Credentials" button in the Salesforce application, in context within the immunization record of the patient. All that the patient needs to do is use a mobile wallet and scan the QR code, and they will receive their credential as shown below.

They can now present the credential at a place of work, Airport or Stadium. WIth their mobile wallet (above) they simply scan the QR code presented by a "verifier" as shown below:

The 'verifier' is a cloud based app that can be invoked from a web browser in a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile. Once the credential holder scans the QR code the verifier app will display a "Yes" or "No" result as shown below.

The person doing the verification simply clicks "Start Over" and the next person can be asked to present their credential.

Pravici PocketCred has you covered on both sides - The issuance of a credential from an EHR such as Salesforce Vaccine Cloud as well as the verification of a credential by invoking a very simple cloud based verifier app.

Here is a Video that demonstrates Pravici PocketCred with Salesforce Integration.



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